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Legal Tradition of Hong Kong

The Jurisdictions of Hong Kongn Court

The Court of Final AppealThe highest appellate authority in HK to safeguard the principle of "sovereignty of law" ("rule of law")
The High Court which includes the Court of Appeal and the Trial CourtIt handles criminal and civil cases.
The District CourtIt handles criminal and civil trial cases.
The Coroner's CourtIt deals with investigations on the causes and circumstances of certain deaths.
The Juvenile CourtDeals with cases of charges brought against juveniles except for homicides.
Lands Tribunal, Labour Tribunal, Small Claims Tribunal and the Obscene Articles Tribunal.Tribunals which have a jurisdiction to judge disputes pertaining to specific regions or defined precincts (districts).
Magistrates Court
Criminal cases.

Solicitors and Barristers

Hong Kong lawyers include two branches, i.e. solicitors and barristers. Barristers mainly represent client to argue on the court. Solicitors assist client in all kinds of cases. Solicitors engage

Divorce in Hong Kong: The Five Must-Know you Must Know for Divorce

Hong Kong is a really international city in the sense that there are quite high proportion of overseas citizen living here working, study or just living as dependent. For those international citizen, when it comes to divorce in Hong Kong, there are some knowlege that you must know.

Marriage in Hong Kong does not Mean you can divorce in Hong Kong

There is no restriction for overseas citizen to marriage in Hong Kong, which mean people can register a marriage in Hong Kong even those they are not are Hong Kong citizens. However, after marriage in Hong Kong, when it comes to divorce, not every marriage can be divorced in Hong Kong, even though the marriage has been celibrated here in Hong Kong. Aocordingl to Hong Kong laws, those intend to divorce in Hong Kong need to meet one of the following conditions, i.e., at least one party is Hong …