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Welcome to Hong Kong - Arab Law Bridge!

Hong Kong-Arab Law Bridge is aimed at advocating the exchange and communication between the lawyers in Hong Kong and that in Arab. Thogh twe diffentent legal system in two jurisdictions far away on the earth, we believe the exchange of ideas and inforamtion between Hong Kong and Arab legal profession will benefit both.

Legal Tradition
The legal tradition in Hong Kong and Arab are quite different. In Hong Kong, the legal profession consists of solicitor and barrister while in Arab there is no such split. Hong Kong legal profession is also featured for its heritage of the British tradition. The barrister and the judge wear wig in court. In Arab, the religious law is part of the legal system which co-exist and takes effect in people's daily life.

Legal Service for the "Silk Belt and Road" 

With the "Silk Belt and Road" program advocated by the China government, Arabian courtries are on the "Silk Belt Road" and are receiving more and more investments from China. Hong Kong lawyers are expected to contribute its extensive experience in service international clients to provide legal support to "Silk Belt and Road" projects.


Lawyer, solicitor, barrister, attorney at law, 

In Hong Kong, the lawyers are called solicitors, and the Hong Kong lawyers that attends the court hearing are called counsels or barristers. Although solicitors also have audience right for certain court hearing, it is very limited. In Arab, all lawyers have the audience rights to attend court hearing of all levels. Lawyers are also call attorney at law. 

Judicial Reform

There is an increasing voice for reform of the judicial system in Hong Kong, as that in Arab. The present judicial system is inherited from the UK.  In recent years, there are voices that the judicial system need reformation to reflect the rapid change of the society. The handover of sovereignty marked great changes of the legal system, but the reform of the judcial system appears to be slow to reflect the change.


Our Mission is the Promotion of communication between Hong Kong and Arab Lawyers 

Legal Topics Threads

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Criminal law

The Hong Kong criminal laws consists of ordinances and case laws inherited from UK. Arab criminal law is more complicated .
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Family Law
Hong Kong Family laws consists of legislation and case laws, such as marriage law, divorce law, inheritance law, etc.  Arab civil law consists of mainly civil codes.
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Real Estate Law 

The land law in Hong Kong is inherited from the UK but the handover modified the legal framework. In Arab, the land law and real estate law consists of mainly codes

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Arbitration Law
Arbitration is a method of resolving dispute popularly accepted worldwide finality, enforceability world-wide and confidnetiality. Hong Kong is an international center for arbitration with good reputation.
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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation is one of the main method of dispute resolution both in Hong Kong and Arab. However, the civil litigation procedure takes the common law tradition which is quite different from that in the Arabian legal system.

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Business Law
Business laws include the various laws for international business, such as contract law, insurance law, INTERCOM for international trade, ctc. The business law in Hong Kong is mainly based on case laws supplemented by various ordiannces. 
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