Areas of Legal Topics

Articles and discussions on different areas of laws will be classified into the following categories so that they are organized and easy to be identified. The most common topies includes criminal law, family law real estate law, business law, religion law and legal professioin.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is about criminal offences and penalties. All topics on criminal law will be posted here

Family Law

Family law is the laws regarding marraige, divorce, probate, etc.  All topics and articles on family law shall be here 

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law is the laws about land and fixtures on the land such as house.  Topics on real estate law shall be here.

Business Law

Business law include contact law, insurance law, company law, partnership law, etc. Topics on business law shall be here.

Religion Law

Regilion law is the laws applicable to certain religion groups. Arab laws include some religion laws.

Legal Profession

Topics on the legal professions of Hong Kong Arab an other jurisdictions shall be placed here..